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Service Law

Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Limited v. T.P. Nataraja

Date of Birth – Law on change of date of birth – (i) application for change of date of birth can only be as per the relevant provisions / regulations applicable; (ii) even if there is cogent evidence, the same cannot be claimed as a matter of right; (iii) application can be rejected on the ground of delay and latches also more particularly when it is made at the fag end of service and / or when the employee is about to retire on attaining the age of superannuation.

Somesh Thapliyal v. Vice Chancellor

Service Law – Once an appointee have gone through the process of selection provided under the scheme / Act regardless of the fact whether the post is temporary or permanent in nature, at least their appointment is substantive in character and could be made permanent as and when the post is permanently sanctioned by the competent authority. AIR 2021 SC 4158 : 2021 (10) SCALE 213