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Arunachala Gounder v. Ponnusamy

Hindu Succession Act, 1956 – Section 15 – General rules of succession in the caseof female Hindus – The basic aim of the legislature in enacting Section 15(2) is to ensure that inherited property of a female Hindu dying issueless and intestate, goes back to the source. [Para 73] 2022 (1) SCALE 681

Abdulla Ahmed v. Animendra Kissen Mitter

Contract – Agency – Estate broker – Authority to negotiate a sale’ and ‘secure purchaser’ – Whether empowers broker to conclude contract – Construction of contract – Broker finding ready and willing to buy for price fixed by principal concluding contract with same purchase for lower price -Broker’s right to commission – Power of Agents – Principal. AIR 1950 SC 15 : 1950 SCR 30