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Evidence Act 1872

V. Prabhakara v. Basavaraj K.

Will – A mere exclusion of either brother or sister per se would not create a suspicion unless it is surrounded by other circumstances creating an inference. In a case where a testatrix is accompanied by the sister of the beneficiary of the Will and the said document is attested by the brother, there is no room for any suspicion when both of them have not raised any issue.

Abdul Kadir v. State of Assam

Evidence Act, 1872 – Section 145 – Cross-examination as to previous statements in writing – Correct manner of proving contradictions as to any previous statement made by a witness.

Abhishek Gupta v. Shashi Kumar Shukla

Rent Law – Evidence Act, 1872 – Section 116 – A tenant cannot challenge the title of the owner/landlord, and there is an estoppel in this regard – In a suit for eviction by the landlord, the tenant is estopped from questioning the title of the landlord.