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Amar Nath v. Gian Chand

Registration Act, 1908 – Ss. 32, 33 & 34 – there is really no need for the production of the original power of attorney, when the document is presented for registration by the person who has executed the document on the strength of the power of attorney – the inquiry contemplated under the Registration Act, cannot extend to question as to whether the person who executed the document in his capacity of the power of attorney holder of the principal, was indeed having a valid power of attorney or not to execute the document or not. [Para 25] 2022 (2) SCALE 521

Abdulla Ahmed v. Animendra Kissen Mitter

Contract – Agency – Estate broker – Authority to negotiate a sale’ and ‘secure purchaser’ – Whether empowers broker to conclude contract – Construction of contract – Broker finding ready and willing to buy for price fixed by principal concluding contract with same purchase for lower price -Broker’s right to commission – Power of Agents – Principal. AIR 1950 SC 15 : 1950 SCR 30