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The Passports Act, 1967

Passports Act, 1967

Act No. 15 of 1967

[Dated 24th. June, 1967]

An Act to provide for the issue of passports and travel documents, to regulate the departure from India of citizens of India and for other persons and for matters incidental or ancillary thereto.

Be it enacted by Parliament in the Eighteenth Year of the Republic of India as follows: –

1              Short title and extent

2              Definitions

3              Passport or travel document for departure from India

4              Classes of passports and travel documents

5              Applications for passports, travel documents, etc., and orders thereon

6.            Refusal of passports, travel documents. etc.

7              Duration of travel document

8              Extension of period of passport

9              Conditions and forms of passports and travel documents

10.         Variation, impounding and revocation of passports and travel documents

11           Appeals

12           Offences and penalties

13           Power to arrest

14           Power of search and seizure

15           Previous sanction of Central Government necessary

16           Protection of action taken in good faith

17           Passport and travel document to be property of Central Government

13           [***]

19           Passports and travel documents to be invalid for travel to certain countries

20           Issue of passports and travel documents to persons who are not citizens of India

21           Power to delegate

22           Power to exempt

23           Act to be in addition to certain enactments

24           Power to make rules

25           Change of short title of Act 34 of 1920

26           [***]

27           Repeal and saving

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