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Institution of Suits under Order 4 CPC


1. Suit to be commenced by plaint

1. Suit to be commenced by plaint— (1) Every suit shall be instituted by presenting a plaint to the Court or such officer as it appoints in this behalf.

(2) Every plaint shall comply with the rules contained in Orders VI and VII, so far as they are applicable.

2. Register of suits

2. Register of suits— The Court shall cause the particulars of every suit to be entered in a book to be kept for the purposes and called the resister of civil suits. Such entries shall be numbered in every year according to the order in which the plaints are admitted.


Uttar Pradesh— In its application to the State of Uttar Pradesh after Order IV, the following Order shall be inserted:—


1. Consolidation of suits and proceedings— When two or more suits or proceedings are pending in the same Court, and the Court is of opinion that it is expedient in the interest of justice, it may by order direct their joint trial, where upon all such suits and proceedings may be decided upon the evidence in all or any of such suits or proceedings.”.

[U.P. Act 57 of 1976].

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