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Murali v. State rep. by the Inspector of Police

Criminal Law – Reduction of Sentence – Compromise between parties – the fact of amicable settlement can be a relevant factor for the purpose of reduction in the quantum of sentence.

The parties to the dispute have mutually buried their hatchet. The separate affidavit of the victim inspires confidence that the apology has voluntarily been accepted given the efflux of time and owing to the maturity brought about by age. There is no question of the settlement being as a result of any coercion or inducement. Considering that the parties are on friendly terms now and they inhabit the same society, this is a fit case for reduction of sentence.

At the time of the incident, the victim was a college student, and both appellants too were no older than 20­22 years. The attack was in pursuance of a verbal altercation during a sports match, with there being no previous enmity between the parties. It does raise hope that parties would have grown up and have mended their ways. Indeed, in the present case, fifteen years have elapsed since the incident. The appellants are today in their mid­-thirties and present little chance of committing the same crime.

The appellants have no other criminal antecedents, no previous enmity, and today are married and have children. They are the sole bread earners of their family and have significant social obligations to tend to. In such circumstances, it might not serve the interests of society to keep them incarcerated any further.

Penal Code, 1860 – Sections 307, 324, 341.  

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For Petitioner(s) Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy, Adv. Mr. A. Rajarajan, Adv. Mr. K. Paari Vendhan, AOR For Respondent(s) Mr. Jayanth Muth Raj, Sr. Adv./AAG,T.N. Mr. M. Yogesh Kanna, AOR Mr. RajaRajeshwaran,S. Adv. Mr. Aditya Chadha, Adv. Mr. T. Harish Kumar, Adv. Mr. Raghunatha Sethupathy, Adv. Ms. Hemlata Rawat, Adv. Mr. Aayushmaan Vatsyayana, Adv. Mr. Deepak Anand, AOR

Case Number : CRIMINAL APPEAL NO.24 & 25 /2021 [Arising out of SLP (Crl.) 10813 & 10814 of 2019]

Case Link :

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