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Ashish Shelar v. Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

Legislative Assembly – In any case, there can be no place for disorderly conduct in the House much less “grossly disorderly”. Such conduct must be dealt with sternly for ensuring orderly functioning of the House. But, that action must be constitutional, legal, rational and as per the procedure established by law. 2022 (2) SCALE 315

Amar Nath v. Gian Chand

Registration Act, 1908 – Ss. 32, 33 & 34 – there is really no need for the production of the original power of attorney, when the document is presented for registration by the person who has executed the document on the strength of the power of attorney – the inquiry contemplated under the Registration Act, cannot extend to question as to whether the person who executed the document in his capacity of the power of attorney holder of the principal, was indeed having a valid power of attorney or not to execute the document or not. [Para 25] 2022 (2) SCALE 521

Mohd. Shakeel @ Shakeel Ahmed v. Sabia Begum

Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 – Section 125 – Production of the ration card as a documentary proof of marital relation between the parties met the requirement of prima facie evidence in establishing the matrimonial relationship between the parties.

Centrum Financial Services Ltd. v. State of NCT of Delhi

Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 – S. 439 – Where a Court while considering an application for bail fails to consider the relevant factors, an Appellate Court may justifiably set aside the order granting bail. Appellate Court is thus required to consider whether the order granting bail suffers from a non­-application of mind or a prima facie view from the evidence available on record.