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Supreme Court Daily Digest 3 January 2022

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 – Section 34 (4) – Under guise of additional reasons and filling up the gaps in the reasoning, no award can be remitted to the Arbitrator, where there are no findings on the contentious issues in the award. I Pay Clearing Services Pvt. Ltd. v. ICICI Bank Ltd. https://caselaw.in/p=422

Constitution of India – Article 226 – Fresh Assessment. State of Andhra Pradesh v. S. Pitchi Reddy, https://caselaw.in/p=424

Income ­Tax Act, 1961 – Ss. 143 (3), 40 – Surcharge on Taxes Act, 1957 (Kerala) – S. 3 (1) – General Sales Tax Act, 1963 (Kerala) – S. 5 (1) (b) – Assessment of Income – Amounts not deductible – Levy of surcharge on sales and purchase taxes. Kerala State Beverages Manufacturing and Marketing Corporation Ltd. v. Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax Circle 1(1), https://caselaw.in/p=421

Labour Law – Disciplinary Proceedings – Industrial Court cannot give much stress on the acquittal of the workman by the criminal court. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation v. Dilip Uttam Jayabhay, https://caselaw.in/p=420

Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 – Banking Regulation Act, 1949 – S. 35 A – Companies Act, 1956 – Ss. 441, 531 – Fraudulent Preference – Power of the Reserve Bank to give directions – Commencement of winding up by tribunal. Small Industries Development Bank of India v. M/s SIBCO Investment Pvt. Ltd., https://caselaw.in/p=417

Service Law – If a regular promotion is offered but is refused by the employee before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation, she/he shall not be entitled to financial upgradation only because she has suffered stagnation. Union of India v. Manju Arora, https://caselaw.in/p=423

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