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Ghanshyam Ramcharan Goswami v. State of Madhya Pradesh

Evidence Law  – Law relating to a testimony of a child witness – Following factors must be considered at the time of recording of evidence of a child witness :- (i) There is no disqualification for a child witness; (ii) The Court must conduct a preliminary enquiry before allowing a child witness to be examined; (iii) The Court must be satisfied about the mental capability of a child before giving evidence; (iv) While sifting the evidence, the possibility of a bias or the child being tutored should be taken note of; (v) The evidence of a child witness should be corroborated; (vi) The child cannot be administered oath or affirmation and it is incompetent to do so; (vii) The Court cannot allow a minor to make an affirmation.

Sachin Pathak v. State of Madhya Pradesh

Service Law – Reservation – Granting reservation to a woman is a special provision of reservation and would be implemented in the manner in which a horizontal reservation is implemented. The concept of migration from one category to another on the basis of merit may hold good in vertical reservation, but in horizontal reservation the same is not applicable.Read More »Sachin Pathak v. State of Madhya Pradesh

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